About the comic

Hemlock is a story about a witch who accidentally marries a monster. Set in the forests of 19th century Scandinavia, the comic follows Lumi and her unfortunate familiar Tristan as they try to navigate life (and death) around her monstrous in-laws. The comic began on Smackjeeves in 2010 before joining Hiveworks in 2021.

About the author

Josceline is a storyboard artist, 2D animator and cartoonist based in London, UK. She has storyboarded for Netflix and Hamish Steele's Deadendia and worked on Cartoon Network comics with Boom! Studios including Steven Universe, Regular Show and Adventure Time. You can get in touch with her at: josceline.fenton@gmail.com

About Hiveworks

Hiveworks is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publisher focused on free to read webcomics. For more information, click here.